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sixtywolves said: But I have a crush on you... ;) Haven't seen or talked to you in fucking forever, bitch! When we hanging next?

I don’t know, duuuuude, I’m so busy with school and shit. :(

publishing this because it’s cute.
sucks cause I don’t have a crush on you tho.

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123paigey said: The price of cranberry juice suddenly increases. As a result, Glenda begins drinking more grape juice, which is less expensive, but tastes just as good to her. In this case, Glenda’s elastic demand is due to A. availability of substitutes. B. relative importance. C. necessities versus luxuries. D. change over time.

E. In all honesty, I don’t really give a fuck about Glenda and her dilemma with her cranberry/grape and the price of cranberry juice increasing. What kind of name is that anyway, Glenda? What is she, a cat?

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